Composition Student Handbook

Student Evaluation Forms

The following forms must be completed prior to the scheduled student evaluation. Please refer to the calendar section of this website for deadlines.

There are no required forms for students taking the Freshman Barrier Examination or the annual Graduate Review; please refer to the appropriate sections of this website for further information.

Composition Lesson Syllabi

The attached syllabi apply to composition lessons throughout the division, regardless of instructor. Any expectations above and beyond those outlined in these syllabi are the prerogative of the individual instructor, and will be discussed with the student at the beginning of each semester.

Syllabi for other composition courses may be obtained by contacting the course instructor. Students are responsible for all course and lesson requirements outlined in these syllabi.

Miscellaneous Forms & Documents

Undergraduate degree plans (including BM and BA) are available on the College of Music website. Please consult your undergraduate advisor each semester to ensure that you are on track with your degree.

Graduate degree plans (including MA and PhD), the Designation of Graduate Committee Form, and the Composition Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Approval Form are available on the College of Music Graduate Office website.

Student information is submitted online: log in with EUID and UNT password to create and access account. This is required of all students enrolled in composition lessons, regardless of major.

CEMI forms (for studio access, technical requests, and equipment checkout) are available on the CEMI website. Consult the CEMI website for restrictions and eligibility.

Spectrum Request Online Form