Composition Division Information


Recordings of composition concerts and reading sessions are posted on the UNT Recording Services website, usually within a week of the event. These recordings may be accessed through the Student Media Download Portal by UNT students, staff, and faculty as follows:

  •  Open a web browser and connect to
  •  Login by entering Email: student and Password: 01comp
  •  Choose "Composition Department" and find the relevant file by date and name
  •  Click the file name to download the file to your computer

Binding Equipment

The composition division has binding equipment and supplies available for use by all composition students to bind scores and parts with standard comb spines. These supplies are kept in the CEMI/Composition Office (MU 2001); please contact a composition faculty member or graduate assistant for access.

Bulletin Board

The composition bulletin board is located across from MU 207. All composition students should regularly check this board for important information pertaining to the division including upcoming events, student opportunities, and current news concerning composition students and faculty. Materials must not be posted or removed from the board without first consulting with the division chair. Any items posted without prior approval from the division chair will be removed from the bulletin board.

Score Submissions

All physical materials submitted to the composition program (e.g., submissions for Spectrum, orchestra readings), as well as any unreturned composition coursework, may be retrieved from Jamel Jackson's office (MU 216-A). These will be kept on file for one semester before being discarded.

Campus Resources

The UNT Career Center can assist with all aspects of a job search including career exploration, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and job search strategies. Rachel Smith is the Career Development Specialist who works with music students.

The UNT Student Counseling Center provides service to UNT students in a wide range of areas, including individual, group, and career counseling. Dr. John Hipple is a counselor at the Center with special interest in the Performing Arts, including performance anxiety and generalized career stress.