Alumni Directory

Goto, Yo

MM: 2004
yogoto622 [at]

Freelance composer and arranger specializing in works for band and percussion.

Graham, Steven

BM: 1991

Software developer at North Carolina State University (Raleigh-Durham, NC).

Griffith, Bobby

MM: 1984
bobby.griffith [at]

Library Specialist at the University of North Texas.

Griffiths, Edward

BM (Music Education): 1977 BM (Composition): 1988 MPA (Public Administration): 1995

Guidry, Jason

BM: 2000

Band director at Forney Middle School (Forney, TX).

Gutierrez, Jason

MM: 2003
Jason.Gutierrez [at]

Currently serving as Enterprise Collaboration Services Manager for the UNT System. Performing with his group Rock-IT in the Denton area.

Guynn, Toby

BM: 1962 MM: 1963

1939-2015. Formerly owner and President of Toby Corporation (Fort Worth, TX), specializing in high-end audio speaker systems.

Han, Sang-Eun

DMA: 2004
seh0007 [at]

Visiting Professor of Music at Keimyung University (Daegu, Korea).

Hansen, David

BM: 1982

Hanson, Dan

DMA: 1987
dhanson [at]

Professor of Music at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (Chickasha, OK).

Harenda, Timothy

PhD: 2017
TimothyHarenda [at]

Harris, Joshua

PhD: 2013
jkharriscomposer [at]

Assistant Professor of Music at Sweet Briar College (Sweet Briar, VA). where he teaches music theory, aural skills, composition, and conducts the chamber orchestra.

Hatch, Donald

BM: 1951

Haugland, Georg

BM: 1994

Currently in the master's composition program at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Hayashi, Manami

BM: 2008

Hayden, Ethan

BM: 2008
eth0010 [at]

Headrick, Samuel

BM: 1975 MM: 1977
headrick [at]

PhD in composition from the Eastman School of Music; currently Assistant Professor of Music at Boston University.

Heinkel-Wolfe, Peggy

BM: 1982
info [at]

Freelance writer and reporter for the Denton Record Chronicle (Denton, TX).

Hemphill, David

BM (Music Education): 1977 MM (Composition): 1983

Henry, Jonathan

MM: 2000
Jon.Henry [at]

Senior Online Producer at Warner Bros. Entertainment, where he develops original audio and visual content for the web, including theatrical and home entertainment properties.