Alumni Directory

Fieldsteel, Eli

MM: 2010

Currently in the doctoral composition program at the University of Texas.

Figg, Graham Elliot

BM: 2002 MM: 2008
figsmale [at]

Composer and keyboardist specializing in early music performance practices and altered tuning systems. Currently in the Graduate Diploma program in Early Music (harpsichord) at The Juilliard School.

Fischer, Gilbert

MM (Composition): 1949 MA (English): 1950

Formerly on the faculties of Southern Illinois University (music) and the City Colleges of Chicago and Purdue University-Calumet (philosophy and humanities).

Fisher, Jonathan

BM: 1992

Graduate studies in composition (MM and DM) at Northwestern University; collaborative new media/installation artist based in Dripping Springs, TX.

Fletcher, Roy

BM: 1998

Floréz, Alejandro

BM (Jazz Studies): 2003 MM (Jazz Studies; related field in Composition): 2005

Guitarist, teacher, and composer based in New York City; active in the jazz and urban music scene in Colombia, where he performis regularly at local venues and festivals.

Floyd, James

DMA: 2000
james_floyd [at]

Public Services Coordinator for the Crouch Fine Arts Library at Baylor University (Waco, TX).

Forbis, Jack

BA (Music): 2003 MM (Music Education; related field in Composition): 2005
jack.forbis [at]

Band director at Krum Middle School (Krum, TX).

Ford, Barry

BM: 1992

Forrest, Cody W.

BM: 2010
cwforrest [at]

Graduate studies at Syracuse University (MM); currently in the doctoral composition program at New England Conservatory.

Fox, Duncan

BM: 1986

Graduate studies at the Baylor University School of Law; Deputy General Counsel for the Texas Department of Public Safety since 1998.

Frank, Robert J.

MM: 1988 DMA: 1995
robfrank [at]

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Composition and Music Theory, Southern Methodist University

Freelove, Howard

BM: 1981

Graduate studies at National University (MS in Education); owner of Solaris Electric Company (San Diego, CA).

Friedman, Arnold

DMA: 1999
afriedman [at]

Associate Professor of Composition, Berklee College of Music.

Froehner, Philip

BM: 1994

Jazz-pop composer, singer, and pianist based in the New York City area.

Fryklund, Aaron

MM: 2008
aaronfrylund [at]

Dallas-based freelance composer and teacher.

Gallo Gamboa, Ricardo

BM: 2002
info [at]

Graduate studies at SUNY Stony Brook (MM, PhD). New York-based freelance composer/pianist, whose work combines traditional Colombian Andean music, jazz/improvisation, avant-garde, and electroacoustic music.

Gan, On Cally

MM (Composition): 1993 MS (Computer Sciences Systems): 1995

Garman, Michael A.

BM: 2010
composer [at]

Currently in the master's composition program at the University of Redlands.

Garza, Paul

BM: 1984