Alumni Directory

Roberson, Kevin

BM (Music Education): 1981 MM (Composition): 1987

Robin, Bradley

PhD: 2016
bradleyrobin [at]

Robinson, William

BM: 1984
billrobinsonmusic [at]

PhD in Physics from North Carolina State University (2010). Physicist and composer, currently on the Physics faculty at NCSU.

Roden, Dennis

BM: 1995
dennisroden [at]

Master's degree in choral conducting from Kent State University. Director of Music at Little Flower Catholic Church in Canton, Ohio. Freelance guitarist, violinist, organist and music instructor.

Rodis, Eric

BA (Music): 2005
oddwalk.rodis [at]

Graduate studies in computer science; freelance composer with interests in designing interactive music software tools for students and career composers.

Rogers, Rowell

DMA: 1990

Rostovtsev, Ilya Y.

MM: 2010
ilyaforpresident [at]

Currently in the doctoral composition program at the University of California, Berkeley.

Rothe, Eric

MM: 1985

Rowe, Kameron M.

BM: 1994
kameronr [at]

Animator, composer, and game developer based in Dallas, TX.

Rudnick, Isidore

BM (Jazz Studies): 1986 MM (Composition): 1992
Rudnici [at]

Artistic Director for Greater Cincinnati Arts & Education Center and the School for Creative and Performing Arts; formerly on the faculties of the University of Maine at Augusta and Yakima Valley Community College in Washington.

Rusciano, Charles D.

MM: 1987
rusciano-esq [at]

Houston-based attorney.

Rusnak, Christina

MA: 2010
csrusnak [at]

Dallas-based freelance composer currently conducting field research on music festivals, events, and cultural tourism.

Sabzghabaei, Daniel

BM: 2015
sabz [at]

Graduate studies at Peabody Conservatory (MM 2017); currently in the doctoral composition program at Cornell University.

Saheki, Yoshiko

BM: 1976

Annual Fund Manager at the Pilchuck Glass School (Seattle, WA).

Salazar, Camilo

BM: 2005 MM: 2008
camiloesalazar [at]

Post-graduate work as composer-in-residence at the Novars Research Centre of the University of Manchester, UK; currently freelance composer and guitarist based in London.

Saleh, Peter

MM (Percussion Performance; related field in Composition): 2006
pjsaleh [at]

Percussionist and educator based in New Jersey; founding member of the Exit 9 Percussion Group.

Salfen, Kevin

BM: 1997 MM: 1999 PhD (Musicology): 2005
ksalfen [at]

Acting Chair and Visiting Assistant Professor of Musicology at Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX).

Sanders, Gregory

MM: 1983 DMA: 1988
gregsanders [at]

Regents Professor at Texas A&M University-Kingsville where he serves as Coordinator of Theory/Composition Studies; previously served on the faculty of Bradley University.

Sanderson, Thor

BM: 2001

Sapp, Gary

BM: 1971 MM: 1973