Alumni Directory

Overton, Michael

BA (Music): 2007

Pantuliano, Edmund

BM: 1999

Austin-based musician and composer.

Park, Kiseob

DMA: 1994

Park, Soon-Hee

DMA: 1988
snhpark [at]

Currently on the faculty of Fine Arts and Music at Chungnam National University (Daejeon, Korea).

Parker, Franklin

BM: 2006

Financial adviser for Edward Jones (Princeton, TX).

Parrilla, Josué

BM: 2001
jparrilla [at]

Freelance composer, producer, and performer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Music Director of Nozione Music, a creative group that specializes in various music production services; keyboardist for Millo Torres y el Tercer Planeta, an internationally-recognized band that combines Afro-Caribbean rhythms with rock and jazz

Patera, Bruce

BM: 2003

Graduate studies in composition at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University.

Patino, Julio

DMA: 1998
operaunlimited [at]

Freelance composer specializing in operas and dramatic works; performer of jazz, popular, and classical guitar music.

Patterson, Ross

BM (Music Education; additional studies in Composition): 2007

Patton, Kevin

MM (Jazz Studies; related field in Composition): 2002
kevin [at]

PhD in electronic music and multimedia composition from Brown University. Composer, guitarist, and experimental sound performer interested in exploring the increasingly nebulous borderlands between humans and machines in performance. Currently on the faculty at Oregon State University.

Paxton, Steven

BM (Composition/Music Education): 1973 MM (Composition): 1977
spaxton [at]

PhD in Fine Arts from Texas Tech University; currently Associate Professor of Music and Director of the Contemporary Music Program at the College of Santa Fe (New Mexico).

Payne, Frank Lynn

MM: 1961

Retired in 2002 from the faculty of Oklahoma City University, where he taught for 35 years and also served as Coordinator of Graduate Studies.

Peringer, Patrick

PhD: 2014

Petersen, Mark

MM: 1982

Freelance composer, pianist, singer, and music director based in the Seattle area.

Peysen, Kris

BM: 2010
krispeysen [at]

Graduate studies in composition at the University of Louisville (MM 2014); Ph.D. studies in composition at the University of Iowa (2016- ).

Phelps, James

MM (Music Theory): 1985 DMA (Composition): 1989
jphelps [at]

Associate Professor of Music at Northern Illinois University, Director of the NIU Computer Music Studios, and Director of the experimental/computer-music ensemble Annex Group (DeKalb, IL).

Phillips, Grant

BM: 2011

Piekarski, James

MM: 1991 DMA: 1994
jimp [at]

Associate Professor in the Department of Recording Industry at Middle Tennessee State University (Murfreesboro, TN).

Pitman, Dennis

BM: 2008
dpitman [at]

Graduate composition studies at Bowling Green State University in Ohio (MM).

Pivovar, Ryan

BM: 2012