Faculty and Staff


Joseph Klein

Distinguished Teaching Professor and Chair of Composition Studies

Degrees from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (BA, 1984), University of California, San Diego (MA, 1986), and Indiana University (DMus, 1991). Composition studies with Roger Reynolds, Robert Erickson, Harvey Sollberger, and Claude Baker. Interests in intermedia composition, musical process, and fractal aesthetics. UNT appointment: 1992.

MU 2005 (940) 565-4926

Kirsten Broberg

Assistant Professor

Degrees from Concordia College, (BM, 2001), University of Minnesota (MA, 2003), and Northwestern University (DMus, 2009). Composition studies with Augusta Read Thomas, Jay Alan Yim, Jason Eckardt, and Judith Lang Zaimont. Interests in spectral music, orchestration, extended instrumental techniques, musical process, text setting and music for dance. UNT appointment: 2013.

Courses taught:

Graduate Seminar, Sophomore Seminar, Orchestration, Contemporary Music

MU 1005 (940) 369-7040

Bruce Broughton


Award-winning composer of film, television, video game, and concert music. Credits include scores to the films Silverado (Academy Award nomination), Tombstone, The Rescuers Down Under, and Young Sherlock Holmes (Grammy Award nomination, Saturn Award); the television series Gunsmoke, Hawaii Five-O, Quincy, M.E., Dallas, and dozens more (record 10 Emmy Award wins and 24 nominations); and the video game Heart of Darkness. Performances by the Cleveland Orchestra, the Chicago Symphony, the National Symphony, and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. UNT appointment: 2017-18.

Sungji Hong

Adjunct Instructor of Composition

Degrees from University of York (PhD, 2004), Royal Academy of Music in London (MMus, 2000), and Hanyang University (BA, 1997). Composition studies with Nicola Lefanu, Robert Saxton, and Paul Patterson. Interests in orchestration, music for dance, text setting, mixed media, and music with non-western instruments.

MU 1003 (940) 891-6816

Panayiotis Kokoras

Associate Professor and Director of CEMI

Degrees from University of York (MA, 2000; PhD, 2004). Composition studies with Tony Myatt, Yiannis Ioannidis, and Anri Kergomard. Interests in sound-based composition (instrumental and electroacoustic), mixed music, transcontextuality, music information retrieval compositional strategies, and timbre studies. UNT appointment: 2012.

Courses taught:

Graduate Composition Seminar, Topics in Electroacoustic Music ("Hiss, Reason and Resonance: Studies in Timbre"), Music for Videogames

MU 2004 (940) 565-4651

Andrew May

Associate Professor

Degrees from Yale University (BA, 1990), California Institute of the Arts (MFA, 1994), and University of California, San Diego (PhD, 2000). Composition and computer music studies with Roger Reynolds, Miller Puckette, Mel Powell, and Jonathan Berger. Interests in chamber music with live interactive computer systems, statistical analysis of real-time music data, extended notations and improvisation; also an active violinist. UNT appointment: 2005.

Courses taught:

History and Techniques of Electroacoustic Music, Topics in Electroacoustic Music ("Interactive Composition"), Topics in Contemporary Music ("Music of György Ligeti"), Graduate Composition Seminar.

MU 1003 (940) 891-6816

Elizabeth McNutt

Principal Lecturer and Director of Nova Ensemble

Degrees from St. Louis Conservatory (BM, 1990) and University of California, San Diego (MA, 1994; DMA, 2000). Flute studies with Harvey Sollberger, John Fonville, and Jacob Berg; computer music studies with Miller Puckette. Specialization in performance of experimental and virtuosic new repertoire, including computer music; collaboration in development of new works. UNT appointment: 2005.

Courses taught:

Nova Ensemble, Contemporary Music, Contemporary Performance Practices.

MU 107 (940) 565-3706

Jon Nelson

Professor and Associate Dean for Operations

Degrees from Bethel College (BA, 1982) and Brandeis University (MFA, 1988; PhD, 1991). Composition studies with Allen Anderson, Arthur Berger, Martin Boykan, and Charles Dodge. Extensive experience in electroacoustic and acoustic music with specializations in software synthesis, digital signal processing, and set-theoretical compositional strategies. UNT appointment: 1996.

Courses taught:

Topics in Electroacoustic Music ("Composing for Loudspeakers"' "Physical Modeling"), Topics in Contemporary Music ("Structural Multiplicities"), Graduate Seminar.

MU 247C (940) 369-7531

Drew Schnurr

Assistant Professor of Composition and Media

Degrees from Western Michigan University (BM, 1996), University of Southern California (MM, 2005), and University of California Los Angeles (PhD, 2013). Media composer for numerous world brands and media conglomerates. Concert composer and sound artist with diverse range of international commissions and exhibits. Interests in sonic-visual aesthetics, music and speech, film music and music/sound for new media. UNT appointment: 2018.

MU 2003 940-369-7286

David Stout

Professor and Coordinator of iARTA

Degrees from the University of Oregon (BFA, 1980 — Visual Art & Design) and California Institute of the Arts (MFA, 1985 — Film/Video & Music). Intermedia, Cinema, Music and Performance studies with Ed Emshwiller, Jules Engel, Jim Pomeroy, Barry Schrader, Michael Scroggins, Gene Youngblood and Bill Viola. Interdisciplinary art and technology works include live cinema performance, generative systems, video-dance, animation, sound-art, and telematic video events that integrate multi-screen environments as an extension of performer, audience and architecture. UNT appointment: 2009.

Courses taught:

Intermedia Performance Arts, Inter-Arts Seminar.

MU 345 (940) 369-5127

Affiliated Faculty

These faculty teach courses outside of the Composition Division that help support the program's mission for collaborative and interdisciplinary opportunities

Richard DeRosa

Professor and Director of Jazz Composition and Arranging

Degrees from New Jersey City University (BM in Music Education, 1977) and Manhattan School of Music (MM in Jazz Composition, 1984). Composition studies with Mike Gibbs. Extensive experience in jazz composition and arranging for big band and orchestra as well as film/video/TV scoring, musical theater, and vocal ensemble writing in jazz and traditional styles. UNT appointment: 2010.

Courses taught:

Jazz Arranging, Advanced Jazz Arranging, Graduate Jazz Arranging, Composition for the Media.

MU 339 (940) 565-4655


Graduate Assistants

Qi Shen

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Composition Lesson TF

Jacob Thiede

Instrumentation TF
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CEMI Staff

Rachel Whelan

Beginning Composition TA
Media Composition RA
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