Student Evaluations — Thursday, December 5, MEIT (MU 1001):

• 1:00 pm: Recital proposals: Kevin Rosacia, Sam Miyashita, Jacob Thiede, Rachel Whelan, Kory Reeder, Korlyn Bailey, George Theodoroulis, Thomas White
• 1:30 pm: Gaston Gosselin (MUCP 2190) — undergraduate jury
• 1:50 pm: Dan Drizlikh (MUCP 4080) — undergraduate jury
• 2:10 pm: DIscussion

Completed Undergraduate Jury Evaluation forms (reviewed and signed by an academic advisor) are due to your composition instructor by Monday, December 2. Portfolio materials (or links to materials) are to be posted to the student profile page by the end of the day on Monday, December 2. (An exception is made for any work recorded at the sophomore readings, which should be posted by noon on Wednesday, December 4.)  Complete guidelines for the undergraduate jury are at  

All students planning to present a recital in the spring (including the senior capstone recital/project) will meet as a group with the composition faculty to review your plans. There is no official form for this hearing, but please upload the following (or links to these materials) to your profile pages by the end of the day on Monday, December 2:

• Current vita, with complete list of works and performances
• List of works in your formal graduation portfolio
• Proposal for recital: e.g., recital repertoire (or an alternative capstone plan for seniors); include proposed date(s) and venue for recitals.  

The faculty will review these materials ahead of Thursday's meeting, and ask questions at that time. This is more of a planning session and Q&A than it a hearing/review/evaluation. For those presenting senior recitals/projects, a more formal hearing and final portfolio review will be scheduled individually at the beginning of the spring semester.