Division news

The following is a listing of recent accomplishments and activities by students, alumni, and faculty of the UNT composition program. Items are listed in reverse chronological order and may be filtered using the menus below:
Sat, Oct 13 2007 |

Doctoral composer Greg Dixon presented You Station at the OKelectric Festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 13 October 2007 as well as Electric Latex 2007, hosted by UNT on 17 November 2007. His work Canon S&H is included as part of the 2007 Vox Novus 60x60 Midwest Minutes Mix.

Sat, Sep 29 2007 |

Doctoral composition student Da Jeong (Juliana) Choi’s Pontis (Bridge, 2007) for marimba solo was premiered by Peter Martin at Northwestern University on 5 June 2007; the work was also performed by Mark Ford in Las Vegas, NV on 29 September 2007. Additionally, Mons Montis (A Great Rock, 2005) for multi-percussion solo with computer music was performed by Annie Stevens at First Presbyterian Church (Evanston, IL) on 4 October 2007.

Sat, Sep 01 2007 |

Works by the following UNT composers were presented at the 2007 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Copenhaguen, Denmark (August 2007): Camilo Salazar (Siluetas), alumnus Kazuaki Shiota (Internal Rhythms), and faculty member Andrew May (Ripped Up Maps). Papers were also presented by alumnus John Chow Seymour (“Computer-Assisted Composition in Equal Tunings”), composition student Adam Lockhart (“Cognitive Implications of Musical Perception”), and alumnus Jeffrey Morris (“Feedback Instruments: Generating Musical Sounds, Gestures, and Textures in Real Time with Complex Feedback Systems").

Sat, Aug 18 2007 |

Undergraduate composer Mark Scott’s orchestral work, Design, was performed by The National Taiwan Symphony Youth Orchestra in Taipei on 18-19 August 2007; UNT alumna Ai-Kuang Sun, former doctoral student of Anshel Brusilow, conducted the orchestra.

Thu, Jul 19 2007 |

Undergraduate composer Mark Scott’s trombone octet, ‘spectives, was selected as the winner of the 2007 Iowa Trombones Composition Contest. The contest awarded a cash prize and a performance, which took place on 19 July 2007 in Waterloo, Iowa.

Sun, Jul 01 2007 |

Three Sonnets by Dante Alighieri, a set of songs for tenor and piano composed by doctoral composition student Jay Alan Walls, was performed in July 2007 at the Dallas Museum of Art. Tenor Stephen Mark Brown included them on the program of Italian music accompanied by masters composition student Elliot Figg.

Fri, Jun 29 2007 |

Doctoral composer Da Jeong (Juliana) Choi collaborated on two works with UNT faculty and students: Deception (2007), music for a film directed by Andrew Herta, was premiered at the Texas Film Festival in Plano, TX on 29 June 2007; and Antigone, incidental music for a play directed by Andrew Harris, was presented at UNT in November 2007.

Sun, Jun 24 2007 |

Doctoral composition student Da Jeong (Juliana) Choi’s Hae O Rum Church (2007) for Orchestra and Choir was premiered for the 30th Anniversary of Hae Orum Church, Seoul, South Korea, on 24 June 2007, and performed again by the same ensemble in Seoul on 18 November 2007.

Tue, Feb 07 2006 |

Robert Pound (BM 1992) was featured on NPR's "Morning Edition" (31 January 2006) discussing his orchestral work Irrational Exuberance.