Division news

The following is a listing of recent accomplishments and activities by students, alumni, and faculty of the UNT composition program. Items are listed in reverse chronological order and may be filtered using the menus below:
Thu, Mar 27 2014 |

Eleven UNT-affiliated composers were selected to participate in the SEAMUS 2014 Conference at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, 27-29 March 2014: faculty composer Jon Nelson; student composers Stephen Lucas, Mark Oliveiro, Clay Allen, and Jen Hill; alumni composers Paul Thomas, Greg Dixon, Eli Fieldsteel, Chapman Welch, and Peter McCulloch; and former faculty composer Butch Rovan.

Fri, Nov 01 2013 |

Faculty composer Panayiotis Kokoras and alumnus Joshua Harris (PhD 2013) were two of the nineteen composers selected for the juried recording project, SEAMUS Electroacoustic Miniatures 2013: Negative Space.

Sat, Aug 17 2013 |

This year's International Computer Music Conference, which takes place in Perth, Australia on 11-17 August 2013, will include works by four UNT-affiliated composers: doctoral composer Mark Oliveiro (Sikinnis), alumni Yu-Chung Tseng (Fantasy) and Jing Wang (Brahmanda), and Bourges residency composer Diana Salazar (Capsicum Fever)

Thu, Apr 18 2013 |

Eleven UNT-affiliated composers were selected to participate in the SEAMUS 2013 Conference at McNally Smith College in St. Paul, MN, 18-20 April 2013: faculty composers Panayiotis Kokoras and Jon Christopher Nelson; doctoral composer Mark Oliveiro; alumni composers Jon Anderson, Greg Dixon, Eli Fieldsteel, Dave Gedosh, Elainie Lillios, and L. Scott Price; and former faculty composer Butch Rovan. Also participating in the conference was faculty flutist Elizabeth McNutt.

Thu, Dec 13 2012 |

Alumna composer Sarah Summar was profiled in the recent UNT INhouse web magazine (13 December 2012).

Sun, Sep 09 2012 |

This year's International Computer Music Conference, which takes place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 9-14 September 2012, will include works by several UNT composers. In addition to being presented at the conference, works by faculty members Jon Christopher Nelson (Turbulent Blue) and Panayiotis Kokoras (Construct Synthesis) were selected by an international jury from among 600 entries for inclusion on the conference CD. Alumni composers Yu-Chung Tseng, Elainie Lillios, Jon Anderson, and Mikel Kuehn will also have works presented at the conference.

Wed, Aug 15 2012 |

Composition alumnus Kendall Prinz (MM 1999), has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Low Brass & Instrumental Music Education at Northwest Missouri State University, beginning in the fall 2012.

Tue, Aug 14 2012 |

Alumnus Kevin Walczyk (MM 1991; DMA 1994) has been named the recipient of the ninth Raymond and Beverly Sackler Music Composition Prize. The competition, organized by the University of Connecticut’s School of Fine Arts, supports and promotes composers and the performance of their new musical works. An international award, the prize offers a substantial recognition including a commission of $25,000 to compose a work for a specified ensemble, public performances, and a recording. This year’s prize is for a concerto for brass quintet (Atlantic Brass Quintet) and wind ensemble.

Fri, May 25 2012 |

Alumnus Ricardo Gallo (BM 2002) remains active as a jazz composer and pianist. The Ricardo Gallo Cuarteto will be on a European tour (May-June 2012) and Gallo was featured in an article in the Colombian newspaper El Espectador. The interdisciplinary group La Quinta del Lobo premiered Gallo's work Vanitas Libellum in March 2012 at Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, with subsequent performances at the Festival de La Imagen (Manizales, Colombia) and at Teatro Britanico (Lima, Peru).