Division news

The following is a listing of recent accomplishments and activities by students, alumni, and faculty of the UNT composition program. Items are listed in reverse chronological order and may be filtered using the menus below:
Sun, Sep 09 2012 |

This year's International Computer Music Conference, which takes place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 9-14 September 2012, will include works by several UNT composers. In addition to being presented at the conference, works by faculty members Jon Christopher Nelson (Turbulent Blue) and Panayiotis Kokoras (Construct Synthesis) were selected by an international jury from among 600 entries for inclusion on the conference CD. Alumni composers Yu-Chung Tseng, Elainie Lillios, Jon Anderson, and Mikel Kuehn will also have works presented at the conference.

Wed, Nov 16 2011 |

Just After The Rain, a work by faculty composer Jon Christopher Nelson, is one of nine works selected by an international jury for Sonic Screens 2011. The work will be performed at O' in Milan, Italy on 26 November 2011. One of the other selected works was Spindlesong by 2007 Bourges/CEMI resident Diana Salazar (Simpson).

Thu, Sep 15 2011 |

Jon Nelson received an Honorable Mention in the Música Viva Electroacoustic Competition 2011 for his work Turbulent Blue. The international jury reviewed 179 works by composers from 35 countries; the prize-winning works will be released on CD by Miso Records.

Wed, Apr 13 2011 |

Faculty composer Joseph Klein has been commissioned by the Cornell University Department of English to compose computer music settings of poems by four MFA students in Cornell's Creative Writing Program. Klein will be in residence at Cornell in April 2011, where he will participate in the premiere of these settings, along with a performance of Three Poems from Felt with poet Alice Fulton.

Thu, Jan 20 2011 |

Fourteen UNT-affiliated composers have been selected to participate in the SEAMUS 2011 Conference at the University of Miami, 20-22 January 2011: student composers Da Jeong Choi, Greg Dixon, Joshua Harris, Brian Hernandez, Mark Oliveiro, L. Scott Price, and Dan Tramte; alumni composers Elainie Lillios, Stephen Lucas, Ilya Rostovtsev, Kohsuke Tajima, Rodney Waschka, and Chapman Welch; and former faculty member Butch Rovan.

Tue, Nov 30 2010 |

UNT composition faculty artist, David Stout, and iARTA research associate, Cory Metcalf, received an honorable mention in the VIDA 13.0 International Art & Artificial Life Competition (sponsored by Fundación Telefónica in Madrid, Spain) for their latest performance, NoiseFold 2.0. Noisefold 2.0 was among 285 projects presented by artists from 39 countries, representing a broad range of technological resources such as autonomous robotics, chaotic algorithms, computer viruses, biotechnology, virtual environments and sound sculptures (Fall 2010).

Thu, Oct 07 2010 |

Alumna composer Christina Rusnak continues to organize the sound art series titled "New Sounds for a New Space" at the Dallas Contemporary, with a program on 7 October 2010 at 7:00 pm. The program includes works by Rusnak, and faculty composers Cindy McTee and David Stout.

Tue, Jun 01 2010 |

Works by the following UNT composers were selected for performance at the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in New York City and Stony Brook, NY on 1-5 June 2010: student composer Da Jeong Choi (Reflection in the Glass); emeritus faculty composer Larry Austin (Le flutes de Pan, homage a Debussy); alumna composer Elainie Lillios (Nostalgiac Visions); and past CEMI resident composer Diana Simpson-Salazar (Spindle Song).

Sat, May 15 2010 |

Elizabeth McNutt will be a guest artist of the upcoming Texas Flute Society Flute Festival, where she will present a recital, a masterclass, and a lecture, and will be an adjudicator for the Myrna Brown Flute Competition. She also has been invited to present a recital in the upcoming National Flute Association Convention in Anaheim, CA.

Sat, Apr 10 2010 |

The following UNT composers participated in the SEAMUS 2010 Conference at St. Cloud State University, 8-10 April 2010: student composers Greg Dixon and Da Jeong Choi; faculty members David Bithell, Andrew May, Jon Christopher Nelson, and Elizabeth McNutt; emeritus faculty composer Larry Austin; and alumni composers Elainie Lillios and Chapman Welch.