Lutoslawski 1988

Dates in Residence: 
Monday, March 7, 1988 to Friday, March 11, 1988
Event Type: 
Guest Composer Residency
Event Details: 

A five-day residency with Polish composer Witold Lutoslawski, which included performances by faculty chamber ensembles and the NTSU Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Lutoslawski), as well as a symposium on the composer's music (organized by Dr. Lester Brothers and Dr. Paul Dworak), a composition shop talk, and a lecture by Lutoslawski titled "About Large Scale Closed Forms Using Limited Elements of Chance."

Faculty Chamber Music Program:

  • Mini Overture (1982)
    Leonard Candelaria & Keith Johnson, trumpets; William Scharnberg, horn; Vern Kagarice, trombone; Kerry Williams, tuba.
  • Chain I (1983)
    Mary Karen Clardy, flute; Charles Veazey, oboe; John Scott, clarinet; Sue Schrier, bassoon; Leonard Candelaria, trumpet; William Scharnberg, horn; Royce Lumpkin, trombone; Robert Schietroma, percussion; Lenora McCroskey, harpsichord; Jim Lerch & Elizabeth Abbate, violins; George Papich, viola; Adolfo Odnoposoff, 'cello; George Dimitri, bass; Thomas Clark, conductor.
  • Grave (1981)
    Carter Enyeart, 'cello; Steven Harlos, piano.
  • Dance Preludes (1954)
    James Gillespie, clarinet; Steven Harlos, piano.
  • Epitaph (1979)
    Charles Veazey, oboe; Adam Wodnicki, piano.
  • Partita 1984
    Philip Lewis, violin; Adam Wodnicki, piano.

Symphony Orchestra Concert:

  • Jeux Vénitiens (1961)
  • Chain II (1985)
    Robert Davidovici, violin
  • Musique Funèbre (1958)
  • Double Concerto (1980)
    Charles Veazey, oboe; Ellen Ritscher, harp


  • "The Polish Musical Legacy Bequeathed Witold Lutoslawski" — Dr. Paul Hebda
  • "Multi-Dimensional Parametric Projection in the Music of Witold Lutoslawski" — Gene DeLisa
  • "Timbre Composition and Limited Indeterminacy in Lutoslawski's Orchestral Works" — Dr. Jürgen Maehder