What is the HUB?

COLLABORATION HUB is a platform for collaborative learning, creative research, and innovation in professional media industries. A platform within the UNT Division of Composition Studies, the HUB connects UNT composers and musicians with media partners across campus and industry, contributing to our vibrant and diverse musical community.

What’s Happening?

The HUB maintains a rotating portfolio of projects in various sectors of media. On-campus partners include the UNT Department of Media Arts and College of Visual Arts and Design, along with various other university media outreach initiatives. We also maintain a revolving portfolio of projects with professional industry partners.

Benefits of Membership?

UNT Composers

Collaborators Find You 
Your Membership profile on the HUB brings exposure to you. Collaborators discover your work and the potential of engaging with you on their next big project.

Access to Opportunities 
Learn about opportunities with HUB creative partners. Membership includes access to an ongoing portfolio of job postings on the HUB.

Participate in HUB community discussions and live online conferences focused on industry and career issues. Topics include professional training, portfolio development, business planning, and finding work.

Media Partners

Join our Creative Community 
As the largest public-university department of music in the United States, UNT’s musical culture represents one of the most diverse and vibrant musical communities in the nation. Tap into the deep well of creative talent we have at UNT. 

While contributing to the education and professional development of our innovative composers and performers, you will be bringing fresh ideas and imagination to your media projects.

How do I get involved?

Media Partners

Interested? Reach out to us using the contact information below, providing some information on your company and musical needs of your project. We will get back to you soon to discuss our future collaboration! 

Submit all inquires to HUB Coordinator Marcel Castro-Lima at collaborationhub@unt.edu.

UNT Composers

If you are interested in applying to the HUB, submit the following materials to collaborationhub@unt.edu:

  • Links to 3 or 4 Samples of Composition for Media (preferably with video)—these should be relevant to a range of media project styles
  • A Short Bio which should include training and experience relevant to working in collaborative media
  • A Professional Headshot

Submitted portfolio materials must demonstrate the composer's ability to write and produce music at a high standard of artistry and professionalism in media. Should you be accepted, submitted materials will be used to build your HUB profile. Composers not initially admitted to the HUB are invited to reapply as their skills and portfolio develop.