Alumni Directory

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Carlin, Rachel

BM, 1995

Carrington, Grant

BM, 2018

Email: grant.a.carrington [at]
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Carson, Charles

MM, 1987  •  DMA, 1994

Carter, Kristopher

BM, 1993

Los Angeles-based composer and orchestrator for films and television; founding partner of Dynamic Music Partners.

Email: info [at]

Chan, Daniel James

BM, 2004

Master's degree in composition from Southern Methodist University and graduate of the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program at the University of Southern California. Currently a freelance composer, orchestrator, and conductor based in the Los Angeles area.

Email: contact [at]

Chang, Debra

MM, 1983  •  DMA, 1991

Freelance composer, educator, vocalist, pianist and organist, based in Bellingham, Washington.

Email: jazzkoo [at]

Chapman, Davis

MM, 1986

Dallas-based computer programmer, software designer, consultant, and author of several books on computers.

Charke, Derek

BM, 1996

Master's degree in flute performance and PhD in composition from SUNY Buffalo. Currently Professor of Music Theory and Composition at Acadia University (Wolfville, Nova Scotia).

Email: derek.charke [at]

Chatham, Rick

MM, 1993

Founder/Director of Research & Technology at Fellowship Technologies, LP (Irving, TX).

Cheney, Stuart

BM (Composition), 1985  •  MM (Musicology), 1989

Doctoral studies at the University of Maryland (PhD Musicology, 2002); Assistant Professor of Musicology Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX); previously on the faculties of Southern Methodist University, Goucher College, the University of Maryland, and Vanderbilt University.

Email: s.cheney [at]

Cheng, Chien-Wen

DMA, 2007

Currently teaches harmony courses and composition lessons at National Ping Tung University (Ping Tung, Taiwan).

Choi, Da Jeong

PhD, 2011

PhD in Music Ministry at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where she is currently an adjunct faculty member.

Email: dajeong_choi [at]
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Chong, Lok-Shing (Daniel)

MM, 1993

Vice Principal of Hong Kong International Institute of Music.

Choyce, Alexander

BA Music, 2014

Currently a freelance composer in the Katy/Houston area.

Email: alexchoyce [at]

Cieminski, Theresa

MM (Composition and Vocal Performance), 1998

Freelance vocalist, composer, and voice instructor; currently on the voice faculty of Eastfield College (Dallas, TX).

Cleveland, Geoffrey

BM, 1986

Jazz composer and performer based in Denver, CO. Currently leader of Hate Camels, an instrumental band that combines jazz, metal, prog-rock, and comedy; previous bands include Emergency Broadcast Players, Sons of Armageddon, and tissues4issues.

Cockle, Christopher

BM, 1995

Colaruotolo, John

BM, 1999  •  MA (Music - Composition/Philosophy), 2005

Lead Collaborative Learning Specialist at Collective Next, a Boston-based consulting firm specializing in collaboration.

Email: colaruotolo [at]
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Collins, Christopher

BM, 1991

Currently on the faculty of the Dallas School of Music.

Email: chris [at]

Collins, Jon

BM, 2003

Video artist/director/producer based in Denton, TX.