Student Evaluations — Spring 2017b

Thursday, 4 May 2017 — 12:40-3:00 pm, MEIT:

12:40 - Michael Ramirez, MUCP 2190
  1:00 - Delanie Molnar, MUCP 2190
  1:15 - Sam Miyashita, MUCP 2190
  1:45 - Walter Trapp, MUCP 2190
  2:00 - Mattie Tempio, MUCP 2190
  2:15 - Mason Bynes, MUCP 2190
  2:30 - William Bishop, MUCP 2190

• An electronic version of the Undergraduate Jury Evaluation form is available in the Students section of the composition division website. Please complete the appropriate form, obtain a signature from the academic advisor (Carol Pollard), attach a complete list of works and performances, and submit to your composition instructor by Friday, 28 April 2017. [Note that no form is required for pre-thesis hearings.]

• To submit your portfolio: (a) Log in on the Composition Division website (; (b) click on the link "Submit your Composition Student Information"; (c) scroll to the bottom of that page and open "file attachments," where you may upload scores (pdf format), recordings (mp3, mp4, mov), and other documents (e.g., resume, list of works/performances). Please delete any old files you may have on your account before uploading your portfolio materials. If you have materials that can't be uploaded online, you may leave them with Jamel Jackson in MU 231. These portfolio materials must be uploaded and/or delivered by Monday, 1 May 2017 so that the faculty may review them prior to the jury. Optionally, you may upload these files to your personal/professional website and post the link in your Composition Student Information page.

• Bring a complete copy of your portfolio to the juries for faculty reference.

• Please refer to the Student Policies & Procedures section of this website for additional information pertaining to these evaluations.